Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dorm Life So Far

We LOVE living with college students- it is so fun, encouraging, crazy, never boring and a blessing : )
We have been up to a few different things the last few months down here in CA.  I am leading a couple different small groups, there is a weekly Girls' Night at our place for the girls in our dorm, Matt has been meeting a few different guys and now going to be doing a small group with them.

Matt is working full-time still, and working seminary classes one-at-a-time until we settle a few things.  I will be doing the MABC program starting this Summer (at least that is the plan) and taking my classes in a 3 week intensive classroom setting. 

Here are some fun pics of what goes on during the week for us:

We have had so many fun memories made so far- late night chats with students, Super Bowl party, going out to eat with new friends and old, we have had great friends visit, gone to amazing conferences´╗┐, felt totally confirmed and encouraged in where the Lord has us, and we know that it's just the start to this new season of our life.  We are so thankful for where the Lord has us right now, even though we miss our families so much.  God is good : )