Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Off We Go...

So in about 2 weeks we are moving to CA.  I know...big change, right?  Allow me to share all the words that come to mind when I think about moving: EXCITED, NERVOUS, READY, THANKFUL, HUMBLED, & SAD.  Need I say more? I think so : )

I am going to be an RD at The Master's College while I pursue a M.A. of Biblical Counseling, and Matt is going to pursue a seminary education through the online program of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as he works.   Over the last few months all of our prayers were answered and the Lord has made a way for us to go pursue the things that He has been laying on our hearts for quite some time now.

 So the next year will look a little bit like this...
- a lot of studying, papers, projects, etc. 
- late nights & early mornings & "everything in between" with the ladies in the dorms
- meetings, retreats, training
- building relationships with students and encouraging them to love the Lord
And because this is all new territory for us, I am sure we will be adding to our list as the year goes on.  But all I can say is we are EXCITED to serve the Lord in this way!  However, we are sad to leave our family, friends and church- that part stinks...yep, I said it.  Still trying to process what those changes will feel like, and praying for strength as we walk through those things.  

But first, we are off to OR for a week of fun, rest and family!! Super excited  : )
So please, if you think of it, keep us in your prayers and the students we will be working with- that the Lord would get all the glory along the way as we move and start these new chapters together.