Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Know It's Been A While...

Well, this has probably been the longest gap between posts....pretty lame, I know : )  But nevertheless just wanted to write some updates on life for us and what ahas been going lately!

Well, we spent Christmas break in CO & WA- for 2 weeks we were with family and friends catching up with the ones we love :)  Here are some fun pics to capture our trips!!

 We saw some of my cousins from Kentucky- so fun to see them!

 Hung out with the Griemes....and there is my lovely sister : )

 Had a McNabb Christmas party....very fun night!

 I am now the owner of a new sewing machine...WOOT! I have no idea how to use it, but excited to have a new hobby : )

 I learned how to ski and hit the slopes with the Hubs and his family for a whole day- SO MUCH FUN!!

 Matt's lovely grandparents : )

It was a VERY merry Christmas- and we miss every one of these faces.  So ready for people to come visit!!
Jeffrey, Bethke, Stephanie and Emma are in the line-up!! Woot!!!