Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Tonight has been an amazing night. Let's just say living in a dorm full of girls has its perks when you have a birthday : )  To start the evening, my RAs took me out to Claim Jumpers for birthday dessert.  We laughed, talked and had an impromptu dance party to PINK in the parking lot (which was much needed by the way). 
"The Dream Team"...I LOVE THESE GIRLS! SO thankful for each of them!!!

After a yummy dessert and giggles, we went back to the dorm.  I said goodnight to my girls thinking I was headed to girls' night (as usual).  But to my surprise, as I opened my front door I had a room full of girls yelling "surprise" and singing "happy birthday" to me!! This obviously, made me cry and filled my heart to the brim.  I am SO THANKFUL for my job- that I get to be loved on by these awesome girls who love the Lord so much!  Here are so more pics to prove it!

 I love this man!
 My Head RA- love her and SO thankful for her : )

 Birthday Cake- made with C-DUB love!

Such a great night and it's not even my real birthday yet  : ) I feel so blessed and loved- thank you C-DUB!!!